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Online Recording Studio - The Missing Track

What does your song need?

  • Arrangement and production
  • Real acoustic drums
  • Bass guitar
  • Electric and acoustic guitar
  • Piano, organ, or keyboard pads

The Missing Track can help

The Missing Track works with you to make a polished recording, whether you need help arranging your song, or just lack the instruments to make it happen.

Hear a sample
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Turn your demos into finished songs

Real drums and instruments!
We can help finish your song: You'll get Real Drum Tracks played by a real drummer - not soulless samples and loops. And professionally recorded keyboard, bass, and guitar tracks written for YOUR song.

How it works
Send us a "scratch" version of your song. We'll listen, and discuss with you the best approach. If you want backing tracks, tell us which instruments you want, or let us figure out what's best, and we'll write and record parts that give your song life.

And when you're happy with the recording, we'll package it up so you can work with your new instrument tracks however you'd like. We'll even mix the song for you.

How much it costs
Most full-song productions cost $479, but the price varies depending on your requirements and the song's length.

See our Costs page for details or contact us for more information.