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Online Recording Studio - The Missing Track

Services we provide:

  • Arrangement
  • Production & mixing
  • Acoustic and electronic drums
  • Bass guitar
  • Electric and acoustic guitar
  • Piano, organ, and keyboard pads
  • Vocal tuning
  • Tempo correction

The Missing Track can help

You get raw tracks as WAV files, downloaded from our site, or optionally mailed to you on DVD.

What it costs

Most full-song prouctions cost USD$479. This covers the recording, arrangement, and mixing of a 3-5 minute song. Typical pop and rock arrangements include drums, bass guitar, 2 guitar tracks, and piano or other keyboard track.

If your song is shorter than 3 minutes, or requires fewer instruments, we reduce the rate accordingly. Specifics depend on your song, of course, so please contact us for details.

What we deliver
We send you raw tracks of each instrument as WAV or AIF files, hosted on our server. For electronic drums and certain synth parts, we also provide a MIDI track along with the audio.

The tracks are standard WAV, AIF, & MIDI files, so you can import them into your own recording environment.

However, we also provide a working mix of the song in WAV and MP3 formats. And we host the MP3 on our web site for you to stream.

Turnaround time
We complete most projects in under three weeks, and projects requiring fewer tracks are usually done within two weeks.